Hi all this is Rob Cameron/designer of the ET Pest Control, and I encourage you to shop around. But if you try the ET Pest Control I can almost guarantee the results will be 100%  positive. We hold a very happy customer track record since 2004 for safe bat repelling.
Our motto is we like to treat people the way we would like to be treated. God Bless.

Colorado Bat Control made Easy with the ET Pest Control.
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Colorado Bat Control

About Colorado Bats: Colorado bat control problems can sometimes get out of control. The ET Pest Control units works great repelling the Colorado Bat. They simply plug-into any household outlet or they can be plugged-in on the end of an extension cord to get into tight and confined areas.

Eighteen species of bats are known to occur in Colorado. Sixteen of these are in the cosmopolitan family, the so-called common bats, which is the largest family of bats in the world. The most commonly seen bats in Colorado are the Little Brown Bat, Long-legged bat, spotted bat, and the Big Brown Bat.

Most bats in the western United States feed almost exclusively on insects—in fact, bats are the only major predator of night flying insects. Bats typically eat more than 50% of their body weight in insects each night.

Colorado, like many western States, has a rich mining history. Mining communities were found across most of the western two thirds of the state. While many of these mines present a hazard to the public safety, they also potentially provide roosting habitat for many species of bats. Bats can and do carry diseases such as rabies so if you come across a bat, please be careful and use proper caution.

We are very confident that the ET Pest Control will demand your Colorado bat problem to leave your home with positive results.

D & R Technologies LLC. have created this page to help you identify your common Colorado bat control problem.



Little Brown Bat


Long-Legged Bat


Spotted Bat


Big Brown Bat


How the ET Pest Control repels bats:
The ET Pest Control is an electronic plug in pest repeller that uses both ultrasonic and electromagnetic sound frequencies causing a chaotic unstable environment for the bats.  The electromagnetic high impact repelling technology is designed to repel deep within the walls of your home or work environment. This repelling technique helps greatly as bats have been known to hide in walls, attics, and other unseen able places. The ultrasonic variable sound frequencies are in constant changing frequencies so that the bats will not become tolerable to one signal. The sound frequencies will interrupt the bats' communication skills, eating habits, and flight pattern forcing them to leave the area. It takes time to repel bats. It can take up to 4-6 weeks depending on how severe/non-severe your bat problem is. Please see our Proper Application page for the coverage area you may need to repel the bats. All you do is simply plug in the ET Pest Control into any household or business outlet.


$49.99 per unit   Quantity: Purchase 3 and Receive 1 Free

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